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How can I help you?

"I've got my own solo business and want my website to look great"

"I'm a marketer who needs design skills to progress my career"

"I'm a social media expert but my images look amateur"


If these are the sorts of things you want to do, then you're in the right place.

Design has changed.

It used to be that if you wanted something designed, you paid a designer, and they created it for you.

It was simple. Not any more.

Nowadays almost everyone has to draw on design skills for their job or for their side projects.

But how do you go about learning those skills if you were never taught them? About what looks good, what software to use, about terms designers and printers will use.

Welcome to The Accidental Designer. We've got your back. 

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Meet Steph

“I thoroughly enjoyed learning with Peter. After the course I found I was immediately using new techniques and more effective methods when designing, putting into practice what I had learned. All the instructions were very clear, and I left very well equipped to use them confidently when working independently. Thank you!”
— Steph Hoskin, Communications Assistant


Meet Danielle

“I have wanted to be a graphic designer for a very long time and have been involved in many courses over the years, a lot of them have teach yourself modules via YouTube which I've found to be inconsistent and difficult to follow.  I came across The Accidental Designer and have been very impressed with the way Peter explains and demonstrates the basic functions of all three Adobe packages.  This gives a great foundation for you to build on. Thank you, I am looking forward to completing more training from The Accidental Designer.”
— Danielle White, Marketing Assistant

Meet Lovely

"The way the course is laid out is definitely a confidence booster and that was and is ideal for me. I am creative and detail oriented but I avoided design programs due to a lack of confidence. What the course is doing for me specifically is giving me encouragement to move forward and understand exactly what I want it terms of skill. For example, in school you learn a lesson and you are tested on it. The sole purpose of lesson was to pass the test; not understand the lesson. With your course I understand why I am learning about a specific aspect of designing, how I can apply it and also what more needs to happen on my end for mastery".

– Lovely Edwards, The All Pink Everything Girls & Education Legacy

Pro graphics webinar for creative entrepreneurs

check out our brand new courses

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