Hello, I'm Peter.

I'll teach you how to create design work that you'll be proud of. 

I've worked in design for 25 years, training and consulting in about every niche you can imagine, and for some great companies and organisations, like those shown below:

Who's behind this?

I'm Peter Bone, and I've worked in the area of graphic design for twenty five years, partly as a designer, partly a teacher, partly as a consultant, and partly as an author. I've taught in just about every niche you could think of, and for most of the big companies you could think of. 

A few years ago I started to notice that my students increasingly didn't have any background in design.

Even though they knew their way around a computer and had no problem learning to use design software, there was nonetheless a big gap in their knowledge. They were often being expected to take on design responsibilities for their companies without any background in the world of design.  

The more people I've taught over the past few years I've become convinced that these people – Communication Assistants, Marketing Assistants, Digital Marketers, Administrators – people like you – now require some design education in order to do your jobs in the way you'd want to. 

I call them – you – Accidental Designers.

Here's where you'll learn the skills you need. 


About The Accidental Designer

The Accidental Designer is the place where you'll learn the cutting edge skills you need to make your work stand out.

  • Where you'll start to harness your natural creativity instead of being frustrated that you can't use it.
  • Where you'll get confident using the skills that the professionals use, without paying a premium to learn them.
  • Where you'll grow your skills and find your own style, alongside others, with support if necessary.

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