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“Peter's tutorials are fantastic. He speaks clearly and slowly so you have time to absorb what is being said, without felling rushed and he takes the time to explain things to you so it doesn't feel that you are listening to a lot of gobbledygook.”
— Donna Malec, Secretary

why this community?

To truly develop your design skills, I think you need:

1) An understanding of the big picture.

Before you get to the specifics, you need to know how the big picture fits together. What are the different tools you might use, what are the skills you need?

2) Bespoke training. 

Instead of generic courses, you’ll learn how to use the best tools to create the things you need: social media images, flyers, Facebook ads, lead magnets, infographics.

3) Community. 

You’ll only go so far if you try to learn by yourself. Instead you’ll have access to a private Facebook group to share your work (and triumphs and struggles). 

4) Support. 

You’re bound to have questions as you try to develop your skills. You’ll have the opporunity to ask any questions you have at a regular monthly webinar that’s just for the community. 


I’m creating a community where you and your fellow “Accidental Designers” will be able to learn the skills you need together. I’ll be creating courses that are specifically made for creative entrepreneurs and those with jobs in marketing, comms and social media. 


The first specially developed course is called “Illustrator for Creative Entrepreneurs”. Over 5 modules, it’ll teach you how to use Adobe Illustrator to create professional quality icons, logos, images for social media, your website, and lead magnets. It’s only available for members of the community. 

A new bespoke course for you every month

See what you'll learn in just the first one:

“Very very good. Great pace and easy to follow.”
— Lucy Joy, Artist

Full course details

Module 1 – Illustrator Essentials

In Module 1 you'll learn the essentials of Illustrator (like applying colours, selecting inside of groups) so you can progress through the rest of the course with ease.

Module 2 – Create Icons & logos

In Module 2 you'll learn to create all these icons and logos from scratch and learn how to save them for use online or in print.


Module 3 – website graphics

In Module 3 you'll build on your existing skills and learn to create more complex graphics that will bring your website to life.


Module 4 – Social media

In Module 4 you'll learn how to create perfectly sized images and adverts for Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest and Twitter. 

Module 5 – Lead magnets

In Module 5 you'll learn how to attract customers to your website by creating beautiful downloadable pdf lead magnets. 

“I'm using the skills I learned in your class to make things. =)"
“I already had some knowledge of illustrator, but Peter's course took me from beginner level to the next level. It also reminded me of the core fundamental knowledge that's needed to build a solid skill set.”
— Mercedes Thomas, Creative Entrepreneur @sadiequips

What's included?

You'll get a full year's access to:

  • All our courses
  • Private Facebook community
  • Monthly support webinars

What are the courses?

The first course is “Illustrator for creative entrepreneurs”, available now. I’ll be adding a new course every month or so. Here’s what I have planned so far:

  • Improve your design skills
  • Design your own logo
  • Create infographics
  • Create your own brand guidelines
  • Work from an InDesign template
  • Create posters & flyers
  • Create adverts
  • Get your work printed
  • Improve images in Photoshop
  • Create cutouts in Photoshop
  • Photoshop for social media 

Once the community is established I hope to respond to what people are asking for, to give you exactly the training you need. 

Do I need to pay for any software to participate?

You will need access to Adobe software such as Illustrator, InDesign and Photoshop to participate fully in the course. They cost $19/month for a single app, or $49/month for all the Adobe apps. You can access 7 day trial versions here if you don’t have access already. 

why this teacher?

I'm in a unique position of being someone with not only many years experience as a graphic designer, but as a teacher and also a creative entrepreneur. That means I'm in a good position to both know what you need to know, and also to be able to teach it to you. 

Is this course for me?

This community is for creative entrepreneurs, solopreneurs, those in marketing, comms or social media. Anyone who relies on design skills but was never taught them. If you want professional results, want to learn professional software, and are prepared to study, you'll get a lot from this community. 

What if I’m not happy?

There is a 30 day guarantee. If you’re not happy for any reason, let me know within that time and I’ll refund your subscription. Due to the nature of this course I'm not able to offer a refund after 30 days. 

What will it cost?

The full course cost will ultimately be $399. But as we’re at the beginning, and there will initially be only one course, I’m offering it at the launch price of only $199.

“Clear, concise and to the point. Easy to follow. I felt like I had accomplished something at the end so all good for me. I feel like I can learn Illustrator after all.”
— Mary Louise Kairus, Virtual Assistant

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